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WING, the Web IMAP/NNTP Gateway

This is an almost verbatim copy of Malcolm Beattie's WING web page, updated to reflect the move to Sourceforge. It is by no means complete!


WING is an Open Source Apache/mod_perl based system which allows users to access email held on an IMAP server via any web browser. The latest public release is version 0.9.

Here are PostScript slides of the talk "The Design and Implementation of a Large Scalable Mail Server" given by Malcolm Beattie at the UKUUG Linux '99 conference at Aston, U.K. This talk is about Herald, the Oxford University mail cluster which uses WING.


When integrated with a mail cluster similar to the one we have here at Oxford University, WING also has these features:


In its current state, WING requires many other pieces of software to function. Future versions may be easier to install, configure and maintain but this one requires the attention of an experienced system administrator familiar with Apache/mod_perl, Perl and SQL databases. It was also developed primarily for Linux and other platforms may have to add extra Perl code to make up for missing features. For configuring a mail cluster and its associated features (currently undocumented), the administrator will also need to know about network configuration, firewalling, NFS, automount, named and exim.


WING is available from the Sourceforge web/IMAP project site: https://sourceforge.net/projects/web-imap/.

Mailing List

There isn't any official support. There is a mailing list called "wing-admin", hosted by the University of Oxford, where those who use or want to use WING can discuss things. To subscribe, send an empty message to wing-admin-subscribe@maillist.ox.ac.uk. In due course, this mailing list will be migrated to the lists hosted by Sourceforge.